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Why is private investigator surveillance illegal?

private investigator surveillance
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Surveillance, which can only be done by trained investigator, who is aware of every moment when collecting evidence. A trained investigator never let the moment go waste, for which he has been appointed on the job.
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The meaning of private investigator surveillance is in easy language. It is a secret to pursue someone’s intelligence, to collect intelligence about it, this information can be just a myth or even true. Which an investigator brings with full truth.

Why is private investigator surveillance illegal? read to know more about harassment of private detective & surveillance

The Constitution of India provides privacy rights to every person, in this case, if any person or private investigator chases a woman or a man, then they come into illegal activity. In such a case, the law is bound to be imposed. In many cases, they are proved wrong and sent to jail. Or even up to court cases. Knowing what was their aim behind this task.

How are private investigator surveillance done?

Caught a private detective by police in New Delhi India

Caught a private detective by police in New Delhi India

The technique of surveillance is centuries old, in the time of the King Maharajas, this work was done by the spies of the state. Those who had to go far away, had to report the enemy. But the only difference between those detectives and these private investigators is that they are absolutely clear.

Their work, by staying away, is to find out the truth, collect their evidence, which is to be presented in legal proceeding later. Whose court or police are waiting for both, on whose side they can take the decision.

Private investigator surveillance and its Problems

Surveillance, which can only be done by trained investigator, who is aware of every moment when collecting evidence. A trained investigator never let the moment go waste, for which he has been appointed on the job.

But sometimes he makes mistakes in his assessment, or because of some other reason he gets recognized, and is caught by the subject or his family, this is the beginning of his troubles.


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and finally sent to jail

There are others who completely ruin him or his carrier, which are extremely rare to make a statement.

All this happens with him because those evidence was needed by police, court or other family members. If there is no evidence, either the case hangs for many years, or is deprived of having the right decisions.

A cruel scene of a private investigator after catching, during surveillance

During the surveillance, an investigator’s catching is exactly the same, like falling on a horse. There may be many reasons for the investigator to be caught. In which, he can be a mistake, or a foolish investigative manager, who does not even know “I” in the investigation. Well, whatever the reason. We go ahead.

Subject is either already alerts or the investigator cannot figure it out. In the 90% of cases the subject is already alert, and for the investigator, he has also alerted everyone. In the end, the investigator is caught by the subject or his family, who are handed over to the police after thorough investigation, and are demanded, he will not be leaved at all, and the pressure to apply Is inserted to jail. In front of his family or parents, he has to face all kinds of harassment; even his relatives are called abused.

At the end, the proceedings of the police begin, knowing that he is an investigator, and what his mentality was, what difficult situations he has to face. The police treat him like a hardcore criminal, and in the end the case is also regd. gets it.

In many circumstances, the matter is settled in the middle without reaching the court, but we will not discuss those circumstances here. And then it begins, to prove the work of an investigator and his mind. The purpose of working as an investigator is clear that, under no circumstance, she/ he will not harm anyone. In the difficult situation of the subject, he/ she will not happen even with the help of you. So it is absolutely wrong to see an investigator as your enemy.

Yes, if you are cheating (subject) court or police, obviously, an investigator will disclose your work on some day. Any investigator, does not come to work in his own interest, there is a purpose behind him/ her.

If you are not hiding any activity from court or police, then an investigator is always standing with you. He\ she can solve many of your issues only through his verified report with evidence, which has arisen due to the void in your life.

An investigator is not your enemy, is your Friends who provide you with proven evidence to prove you right. He wants to be with you only, so that he can wash the greed of the havoc on you.

What to do and what not to do during surveillance

Mainly private investigator is fully trained for surveillance, and never come in your contact or knowledge. They do not interfere in your daily activities at any cost. He/  she wants you to be supportive even when you are recognised him her, so that the misconceptions between you and your partner can be overcome.

During surveillance, the task of an investigator is to uncover the truths that are hidden from society or your family. They present them indirectly before police and court. So that the case can be resolved on time.

During Surveillance, a private investigator may be harmed.

During surveillance, an investigator does not come in contact with anyone. He/ She can be anyone. It is extremely difficult to detect/ reconised as he/ she is not in your interest to find him/ her. He/ she notes your every gesture at all times.

If you waste time in finding him/ her, then investigator estimates will be exactly the opposite and she/ he will present the report against you even if he/ she do not want to.


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