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Worldwide investigation platform for all

Detective.News our services online portal

Detective.News is an online news portal that provides you with all information related to the investigation happening in the world. You can subscribe to our Channel, you can get the right information on time.

What is Detective.News and How to get membership

you can write an articles, views, investigation stories, and can send your through our news channel to whole world.
Our goal is to provide you with full information on independent investigation channel, in which we will never be behind.
Any private investigator can register in our website, say your view. Which will be published after reviewing our team.
Keep in mind, you only have to publish it related to the investigation maters.
Our DETECTIVE.NEWS online portal must be careful, with the given information, there should be no effect in the personal life of any person.

Our efforts are to make you aware of the real world of investigation. Are there really some private investigators who do their best? Nobody knows their names and they are surviving on very little pay scales.
Our purpose is to those freelancers who are unable to pass on their own properly even after working hard in the night.

We will prove to be a best platform for freelancers private investigators, so that they could make their work even better, and could make their names in the world of private investigation.

Our services

1- Latest Investigation updates

2- Top Ranking reviews about investigation agencies of particulars Country, States, Local Areas.

3- Business advertisement for Investigators, investigators, investigation agencies, private investigators           professional (Forensic), Freelancer, etc.

4- Investigation Agencies Licence and sources to get it.

5- Investigation sources (All kinds) only for registered Detective agencies and private investigators.

6- Forensic, Investigation experts (IT), Source full links and contact.



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